What’s GE20Watch?

You might feel overwhelmed by the amount of news you receive on a daily basis on your social media feeds, or the hot takes by your friends and random social media personalities (everybody suddenly has a degree in political science once an election nears). In this newsletter, I’ll summarise the latest news about Singapore’s next General Election and provide some analysis so that you can make an informed choice about who to vote for, as well as to learn more about the Singaporean political scene!

I aim to produce an issue every one or two weeks (depending on the amount of news), but will increase the frequency once the election tempo starts picking up. And don’t worry about premium articles, this newsletter will remain completely free :)

I’ll also aim to produce special issues going deeper into select political topics or analysing parties’ manifestos, as well as looking back at past elections. If you want to collaborate or want a shoutout for your publication as well, do drop me an email at ge20watch@gmail.com!

Who are you?

I’m a Singaporean who keeps up to date on political news, so rather than limiting myself to hot takes and political memes on social media, I thought I’d at least put my time to good use and help to summarise the large amount of news for those who don’t follow politics on a regular basis to make sense of our political landscape. I would like to remain anonymous, so I can separate my opinions from those of my employers. Feel free to contact me at ge20watch@gmail.com if you have any further questions or would like to seek clarifications about the stuff I’ve written.

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